Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cheers to Google Doodles

Google  Doodles are cultivating the knowledge, motivation & divine. Today's doodle in India is Rukhmabai, one of the first Indian women physician. She is role model for modern Indian women. She fought against the superstitions & served as great physician. Age of consent Act was made by Queen Victoria to do Justice to Rukhmabai. The idea of doodling is incredible and appreciable. Loving & animated doodles are homage to Legends & knowledge to the World. It shows the Google's sincerity & social responsibility towards the human kind. Cheers to Google doodles. I am unstoppable to blog my feelings on Google doodle. Tributes to the Legends, who made this world so beautiful & lovely.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Insurance is life. Without insurance, you are out of the world. Life insurance & health insurance are playing key role in everybody's life. Life insurance is going to give protection to your family members in your absence. Health insurance makes your family happy, healthy & wealthy. It may surprise you, but it is true.

How do you choose any insurance policy?

1.Look at the reputation of insurance company. Choose from tycoon.
2.Know the policy. Get thorough knowledge about the policy.
3.Check the claim ratio.
4.Compare the products at expert.
5.Never delay in taking the insurance policy.
6.Provide the correct information.
7.Choose the best policy.
8.Pay the premiums regularly. Never skip.
9.Educate the nominee.
10.Adopt good habits & live long healthy, wealthy & happy.

The best life insurance policy  would like to suggest is ICICI Prudential iProtect smart.
 In case of health insurance I would like to suggest Royal Sundaram lifeline supreme.

This is for well-being of all &the choice is left with you.

Insure your life & health and live long healthy, wealthy and happy.